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General Knowledge Trivia Quiz - 4

Test your knowledge by answering these 10 general knowledge trivia questions. Choose which of the 3 answers is correct.

Question 1: Which is is the world's heaviest snake?

Answer 1: The anaconda
Answer 2: The Boa-constrictor
Answer 3: The Python

Question 2: How many oars are there on a gondola?

Answer 1: One
Answer 2: Two
Answer 3: Four

Question 3: On which date is International Labour Day celebrated?

Answer 1: 1st May
Answer 2: 1st June
Answer 3: 1st October

Question 4: What is a tachometer used to measure?

Answer 1: Air pressure
Answer 2: Electical current
Answer 3: Rotational speed

Question 5: REM stands for rapid movement of what?

Answer 1: Mouth
Answer 2: Eye
Answer 3: Legs

Question 6: Who became the British Prime Minister in 1970?

Answer 1: Margaret Thatcher
Answer 2: Dennis Thatcher
Answer 3: Edward Heath

Question 7: How many stripes are there on the USA flag?

Answer 1: Three
Answer 2: Thirtreen
Answer 3: Fifty

Question 8: What is the birthstone for November?

Answer 1: Aquamarine
Answer 2: Sapphire
Answer 3: Topaz

Question 9: Which is the smallest planet in the solar system?

Answer 1: Mars
Answer 2: Neptune
Answer 3: Pluto

Question 10: What was the name of the first communications satellite?

Answer 1: Apollo
Answer 2: Sputnik
Answer 3: Telstar



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