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Erector 10 Model Set - Erector 10 Model Set features simple and sophisticated moving parts. Includes a gear box to make your Erector creations really move. Packed with 220 parts, your child will create ingenious movement with a plethora of shiny steel girders, plates, nuts and bolts, wheels. Possibilities for design construction are virtually endless. Your kids will love playing with the moving Erector models they create. Everything included to build an variety of moving creations; motorcycle, front loader, lift, vehicle with propeller, and more. A range of eye-catching Erector designs with illustrated instructions. Design your own clever, roving contraption. Erector Set 10 Model Set, A perfect starting point for the beginner wanting a hands-on, creative challenge in construction. Compatible with most Erector sets - Ages 8 Years + - Graphics may vary - UPC: 724641355502

Manufacturer: Schylling

Shipping Info: This Erector 10 Model Set can be shipped from the USA to most countries of the world. Get free ground shipping on orders over $69 for items that are in stock and delivered within the 48 contiguous continental United States.

Retail Price: $35.00

Our Price: $27.99

(price correct on September 9th 2011)

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