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Take-n-Play James - Add this Take-n-Play James to your Thomas the Train Die-cast Collection. Made of durable die-cast metal with magnet connectors that connect either way. Perfect for Take-n-Play'' Portable Fold-Out Playsets. Fisher Price Take-n-Play vehicles, track and destinations are compatible with Learning Curves Take Along Thomas items, but neither are compatible with the Thomas Wooden Railway line. Dimensions: 5.25''L x 1.25''W - Ages 3 +

Manufacturer: Fisher Price

Shipping Info: This Take-n-Play James can be shipped from the USA to most countries of the world. Get free ground shipping on orders over $69 for items that are in stock and delivered within the 48 contiguous continental United States.

Retail Price: $10.00

Our Price: $8.99

(price correct on September 9th 2011)

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