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Children's Toy Store Item #: 467588387 - Toys - Erector

Erector 5 Model Set - Erector 5 Model Set features captivating moving parts. Packed with 147 pieces, you will create ingenious movement with a plethora of shiny steel girders, plates, nuts and bolts, wheels, and real tools. Fabulous play value with new mechanisms including a pulley and springs. Your kids will love playing with the moving models they create with the 5 Model Erector Set. Five, fun, eye-catching designs with colorful, illustrated instructions. Try out a suggested model or design your own clever roving contraption. 5 Model Erector Set, A perfect starting set for the novice awaiting a new challenge in construction. Your enthusiasm for Erector originates here. Build 5 Super Erector Models, One at a time - Bicycle, helicopter, dragster and more - Design your own clever roving contraption - Includes tools, pulley and spring mechanisms - 147 Parts - Illustrated Instructions - Ages 8 Years + - UPC: 724641335016

Manufacturer: Schylling

Shipping Info: This Erector 5 Model Set can be shipped from the USA to most countries of the world. Get free ground shipping on orders over $69 for items that are in stock and delivered within the 48 contiguous continental United States.

Retail Price: $26.00

Our Price: $17.59

(price correct on September 9th 2011)

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