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Children's Toy Store - ImagiPLAY Colorific Monkey Tree - Infant Developmental

ImagiPLAY Colorific Monkey Tree - Infant Developmental - ImagiPLAY - childrens Christmas toy store

Children's Toy Store Item #: 467266051 - Infant Developmental - ImagiPLAY

ImagiPLAY Colorific Monkey Tree - This 10 pc. hand-crafted, hand-painted Bear and Cub puzzle stands up to brighten any room. Because the pieces are double-sided, this puzzle is equivalent to a 20 pc puzzle, since you don't know which side is up. As beautiful to look at as it is fun to play with! Children play with the pieces like a playset, then put them together to form a puzzle, then display on a shelf to admire. Features: - Hand-crafted and hand painted with child-safe lead-free paints - Made from plantation-grown rubberwood, an eco-friendly hardwood - Measures approx. 9.75''L x 6''W x 1''D - Ages 3 +

Manufacturer: ImagiPLAY

Shipping Info: This ImagiPLAY Colorific Monkey Tree can be shipped from the USA to most countries of the world. Get free ground shipping on orders over $69 for items that are in stock and delivered within the 48 contiguous continental United States.

Retail Price: $34.00

Our Price: $17.99

(price correct on September 9th 2011)

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