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Flashing LED Lights

These flashing LED lights are great fun and safe to use. We have around 500 flashing LED lights for you to choose from. Not sure what we are talking about - look at the randomly selected lights shown lower down this page. They are suitable for parties throughout the year - plus we have special ones for the Christmas season, Mardi Gras and Halloween. Prices start at just $0.39 each.

For sports fans we have a good selection of officially licensed products, including Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Flashing LED Lights.

These flashing light products are so popular you might be interested in selling them to your friends or using for fund raisers for schools and colleges - check out the Wholesale Business Supplies for bulk supplies.

To view products from this store, first select a category from those listed below. If you are looking for a particular item, you may find it quicker to use the search box on the left to search this store by keyword(s).

Here is a randomly chosen selection of flashing LED lights that you will find in this store.

Lime Lite Wedge, (Litecubes Brand) - Lighted Ice Cubes

Turn your next drink into a party with Light Up Lite Wedges! These stylish drink accessories light up at the push of a button and have three different functions: 1. Strobe 2. Flashing 3. Still. When turned off, their FDA Approved Plastic is green just like a lime wedge. Litecubes are waterproof, will last 15 - 20 hours if left on continuously. Litecubes can be frozen but will not keep your drink as cold as regular ice cubes.

This product is located in the Lighted Ice Cubes sub-category of the Food and Drinks Flashing LED Lights category.

Lime Lite Wedge, (Litecubes Brand)

Mummy Flashing Pins - Halloween Flashing LED Lights

Unwrap some fun this Halloween with Mummy Flashing Pins! Each piece comes with an optional black lobster-claw Lanyard. This piece is perfect for trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, and make great decorations! Pick up yours today along with the rest of our wonderfully fun Halloween Body Lights!

This product is located in the Halloween Flashing LED Lights sub-category of the Holidays Flashing LED Lights category.

Mummy Flashing Pins

Soft Spike Rings - Flashing Rings - LED Lights

Soft Spike Rings are a fun and safe way to mix it up when ordering. Each box of Blinking Spike Rings comes with three different colored rings. Each ring is made up of soft jelly-like spikes that you'll instantly fall in love with. You can easily turn them on and off by squeezing the top of the flashing rings.

This product is located in the Flashing Rings - LED Lights sub-category of the Jewelry Flashing LED Lights category.

Soft Spike Rings

6 inch BLUE Glow Sticks - Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks have remained one of the hottest products on the light-up market for years and they're still going strong! Glow sticks contain a non-toxic, glow-in-the-dark chemical that illuminates once activated. They will last approximately 6 - 8 hours once activated. Each pack contains 24 individually foil-wrapped Glow Sticks with an included string necklace. These can be used for Safety Purposes, Parties, Favors, Raves, and so much more!

This product is located in the Glow Sticks sub-category of the Glow Bracelets, Necklaces and Sticks category.

6 inch BLUE Glow Sticks

Elvis Presley (The King of Rock and Roll) Flashing Pins - Music Flashing LED Lights

Celebrate Rock and Roll with Elvis Presley 'The King of Rock and Roll' Flashing Pins. This timeless collector's item is perfect for celebrating one of Rock's most influential icons. Each piece contains an optional lobster claw lanyard necklace so you can wear them as a blinky pin or as a flashing necklace! Be sure to you get yours today!

This product is located in the Music Flashing LED Lights sub-category of the Miscellaneous Flashing LED Lights category.

Elvis Presley (The King of Rock and Roll) Flashing Pins

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