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These online card games are all versions of solitaire. Click on the name of the game or it's picture and you will be taken to the page for that game.

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accordion solitaire card game Accordion Solitaire Card Game
In accordion solitaire, the objective is to compress a spread-out deck so that only the topmost card is visible. Accordion is notoriously difficult to win using the standard rules, but some options have been added which should make victory attainable in one's lifetime.
beleagured castle solitaire card game Beleaguered Castle
Beleaguered Castle has the the objective of eroding away the contents of the "wall" stacks by placing their contents in the suit stacks in the middle. Despite the different layout, Beleagured Castle can be viewed as "Free Cell without free cells." To compensate (partially) for this lack, stacks do not need to have alternating colors and the aces are removed before the start of the game.
black hole solitaire card game Black Hole Solitaire Card Game
The objective of black hole solitaire is for the "black hole", represented by the ace of spades in the center of the layout, to consume the contents of the 17 stacks surrounding it.
calculation solitaire card game Calculation Solitaire Card Game
While Calculation has the usual goal of arranging the entire contents of the deck in four stacks of thirteen cards, the suits of the cards in these stacks is irrelevant. Instead, the four stacks accept cards whose ranks differ by a specified interval. Even though the computer calculates the accepted sequences of cards, the game is still extremely challenging.
canfield solitaire card game Canfield Solitaire Card Game
Like Klondike solitaire, the goal of Canfield is to move all the cards in a deck to suit stacks of ascending rank, forming stacks of descending rank an alternate color as an intermediate stage. Cards are drawn from a deck three at a time. Unlike Klondike, the base card of the suit stacks is usually not an ace. In addition to the deck, 13 cards are placed in a reserve of which only the top is accessible.
clock solitaire card game Clock Solitaire Card Game
Instead of placing all cards in the deck in suit stacks, the goal in clock solitaire is to move every card to a pile corresponding to its rank.
flower garden solitaire card game Flower Garden
Flower Garden has a layout consisting of six columns which represent the "garden". The 16 cards outside the garden compose the "bouquet" and are used to build the columns as needed.
freecell solitaire card game FreeCell Solitaire Card Game
The goal of FreeCell solitaire is to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of ascending order. In FreeCell, the location of all the cards in the deck are known at the start of a game. This makes victory depend more on strategy than on luck.
golf solitaire card game Golf Solitaire Card Game
The goal of Golf solitaire is to clear the seven stacks of five cards at the top of the screen by building sequences of ascending or descending rank on the discard pile next to the button panel. The name derives from the terminology of one game of this solitaire as a "hole" with "par" being four cards remaining. Par for nine "holes" would be 36 cards left in total.
king albert solitaire card game King Albert Solitaire Card Game
This game derives it's title from the Belgian monarch during World War I, with the reserve stack representing his army.

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