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Free Online Java Board Games

Board games are always popular. Here are some of the best ones - this is page 1.


peggy java board game Peg Solitaire Games
8 types of peg solitaire.
connect 4 java board game Connect 4 Board Game
Just like you remember from when you were a kid, but the computer opponent is tougher than your friends were!
english 16 java puzzle game English-16
A delightful puzzle created in the 19th century by Sam Loyd, described by Martin Gardner as "America's greatest puzzlist."
fiver java puzzle game Fiver - Puzzle Game
A simple and surprisingly addictive puzzle.
hex 7 java puzzle game Hex-7
In this game you have to get 7 balls in a line (it doesn't have to be a straight line), without allowing the computer to get 7 first.
othello java board game Othello
Othello, also called Reversi. A derivative of the classic 'Go', your objective is to fill the board with your color by surrounding your opponent.
qvk java board game QvK
The object of the game is to place the 4 Queens and 4 Knights in positions that do not threaten each other.
solitaire java board game Solitaire Marbles Game
Remove as many marbles as possible from the board. The only legal moves are horizontal or vertical jumps of one marble over another to an empty hole on the other side. The marble that is jumped is removed from the board.
Cats & Ladders
Click on the button to throw the dice. Fred will then take his turn. First to the top is the winner!

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