Arcade Games : Street Combat - Online Arcade Game

Street Combat - Online Arcade Game

Beat up your friends or challenge the computer in this Java beat-em-up online arcade game made in true Street Fighter style!

Be patient when this java game is loading- it is very large, but it is worth the wait! When the menu screen appears, click on an option to select it. Once you have selected both character and mode of play, click the logo at the top saying 'click to start'.


Instructions :    
Player 1 controls:   Player 2 controls:
Use left and right arrow keys to move, and the up arrow key to jump.   Use Z and C to move, and X to jump.
Use insert and home for punch 1 and 2, and delete and end for kick 1 and 2.   Use U and I for punch 1 and 2, and J and K for kick 1 and 2.

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