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Online Arcade Games - 3

This is page 3 of online arcade games to play in your browser.

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combat java game Street Combat
Beat up your friends or challenge an intelligent (yeah, right) computer player in this Java beat-em-up made in true Street Fighter style! Be patient when this game is loading- it is very large, but it is worth the wait!
gunner java game Tail Gunner
Use your mouse to sight an approaching ship in your cross-hairs. A target box will light up when an enemy ship is in your sights, giving the craft's closing speed and range. Click the mouse button to fire. Whenever an enemy fighter gets past you, it will fire on your ship. You will see the screen flash and shake if they score a hit. Watch your shields - when they go, so do you.
torpedo java game Torpedo Alley
You are the commander of a submarine and you must try to sink the enemy ships. Torpedo is a fun game with professional sound and graphics that will keep you glued to your computer (as if you needed a reason). But watch out, it's addictive!
lunar lander jave game Lunar Lander
Land the Lunar Lander on the moon. It's actually quite difficult to land slowly enough not to be destroyed by the impact.
trek java game Trekkeroids
Trekkieroids is a Star Trek-style asteroids game that brings back memories of days gone by. This up-to-date version is quite addicting, so you've been warned
tux java game Tux on the run
Use the cursor keys to move the penguin. The longer you move in a certain direction, the faster the penguin is running. The faster the you're running, the higher you jump. Jump onto the enemies to get extra points.
ufo java game UFO
Your Mission - They are invading. They are jamming the missiles auto-guidance system. You have to target manually. And if they land you lose!
warp java game Warp
Destroy the enemy tanks before they destroy you.
wastem java game Wastem
Shoot the clay pigeons (red balls). Keep your score above the target score and you advance to the next level.

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