Action Games : Maniac Car Racers Game

Maniac Car Racers - Online Car Game

The object is to waste and destroy all your opponents in this crazy online car racing game.

Please allow time for the game to load, and then select your car. Then click "play" with your mouse. It is best to leave the music turned off, as the game runs much faster without it.

Instructions :
There are 2 ways to finish the race.
1. by racing to the checkpoints and completing the 8 laps.
2. by wasting and destroying all your opponents.

You can waste your opponents by crashing into them until they are wasted, but watch out as your damage will increase also. To repair the damage to your car, pass through the checkpoints.

There are 2 arrows round your car to guide you.
1. the yellow arrow points to the car nearest you.
2. the blue arrow points to the nearest checkpoint.

Use the keyboard arrows to control your car.

Up arrow - to go forwards
Down arrow - to backwards
Left arrow - move left
Right arrow - move right

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