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Online Java Action Games

Here is our selection of free online java action games. Click your mouse on the name, or the picture, of the game that you want to play and you will be taken to the page for that game. Follow the instructions on that page.

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3d car Driver game 3D Car Driver Game
3D Car Driver is a fun online java car driving game. Drive your car around curves, up and down hills, around the windy mountain road, while avoiding bi-directional traffic.
4 wheelin 4-wheeling Jeep Driving Game
A 4wheeler jeep driving game.
bap java game Bap
Use the paddle and ball to knock holes in the walls.
bat java game Bat
A one-sided Battleship game. Try to find all the ships in less than 50 turns. It is similiar to the battleship game. It is played by trying to guess where all of the computer ships are, in the least number of tries.
java battleship game Battleship
Try to sink the computer's ships before he sinks yours in this online Java version of the classic BattleShip game!
breakout online java game Breakout
Another version of the classic breakout game.
worm java game Worm
Yes, it's yet another variation of the Wermz applet! This applet is extremely fast loading! You have to eat as many food pieces (little colored squares) as possible. Occasionally bonus fruits will appear. Their life is short, so you have to be fast to eat them. As you eat more and more food pieces, the game speed and the length of the worm increase as well.
corral java shooting game Corral - Shooting Game
Have fun with this free online shooting game. When a door opens, you have to shoot the 'bad-guy', but be careful not to shoot one of the 'good guys'.

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