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Freeware Arcade PC Games - 4

This is page 4 of freeware arcade games to download and play on your computer.


Water Speeder - PC Arcade Game

Water Speeder - PC Arcade Game

Water Speeder is a fast game. You can't stop for too long before being completely trashed by incoming mines, barriers that pop from underwater, airplanes that sneak from behind you shooting or bombing you or by a minelayer that will infest the waters with them. You have to face all those hazards from inside the cockpit of a prototype hover Water Speeder, armed with a replaceable plasma charge cannon, advanced shielding and lots of high-tech gadgets. Is it enough? Water Speeder is a step over your simple shot'em ups. Despite only having five enemies and three weapons, the game has many interesting twists to keep you entertained, such as the ability to jump over your enemies or perform ultra fast air dashes. You can also charge up your standard plasma cannon for increased damage and area of effect.
OS : Windows 9x/2k/XP
Status : Freeware
Version : N/A
File Size : 1.43 MB
Date : 02-07-2004

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