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Free Online Flash Airplane Flying Games

This is our selection of free online flash airplane flying games. Click on the title of the game or it's picture and you will be taken to the page for that game.


Air Traffic Simulation Game Air Traffic Simulation Game
You are in control of a busy airport. You need to get the planes to land and takeoff as quickly as possible bu ensure that the planes do not collide with each other.
border helicopter flying game Border Helicopter Flying Game
In this free online game you have to fly your helicopter over the enemy soldiers and shoot them while avoiding being shot down by their missiles.
aircrafts race game Aircraft Race Game
You are in an aircraft race and you are competing against the other aeroplanes. You fly the red biplane.
fly plane game Fly Plane Game
The aim in this online game is to keep on flying your plane for as long as you can while collecting strategically placed red dots in your path.
air dodge game Air Dodge Game
The aim in this online game is to fly your plane through the air while avoiding various obstacles, mainly hot air balloons. And to see how far you can fly before you do hit a obstacle.
flying over the enemy game Flying Over The Enemy Game
You are the pilot of an aeroplane and it is your job to destroy all of the enemy houses.
night mission flash game Night Mission (Flash Game)
Your mission is to protect the city from the night attack by the enemy planes without losing lives.



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