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Miscellaneous Free Online Flash Games

This is a miscellaneous selection of free online flash games. Click on the title of the game or it's picture and you will be taken to the page for that game.


Ice Castle Blaster Game Ice Castle Blaster Game
Conquer the enemy castle using a catapult to fire stones at the castle and destroy all of it.
frisbee dog game Frisbee Dog Game
In this online game you are a little dog out in the park trying to catch the balls and frisbees. But do not catch a grenade or you will be blown to pieces.
Mosquito Flash Game
You have to spray the mosquitoes with the insect killer before they zap you.
crocodiles flash game Crocodiles
You are swimming in the water and you have to avoid being eaten by the crocodiles.
Arcade Animals 1
Help superbug defeat his enemies.
bugs flash game Bugs Game
In this game you have to eat the green bugs while avoiding the red spiders.
shuriken flash game Shuriken
You have to destroy the Ninja before they get you by throwing the metal stars at them.
life buoys game Life Buoys
In this game a passenger liner is on fire and you have to rescue the passengers when they jump from the blazing ship. The sharks are waiting for them so they need to land in a life buoy or the sharks will get them.
dragons game Dragons - Meteor Rain Game
In this online game you have to try and prevent the dragons being destroyed by the falling meteors.
turtle bridge game The Turtle Bridge Game
In this online game you have to carry packages from the left bank of the river to the right bank using the turtles as a bridge to walk over.
Jungle Dave game Jungle Dave Game
The Jungle Dave online game is variation on the Mario Brothers arcade platform game.
peanut game Peanut Game
Score as many points as you can in two minutes by flicking peanuts into the goal. You score extra points if you hit the squirrels on the way to the goal.
buzzer game Buzzer Game
This is like the buzzer game that you used to get at the fairground. You have a ring that you have to move around the maze without touching the wire.
maxim's day out game Maxim's Day Out - Online Game
In this online game, Maxim, the little puppy is having a day out at the park. You have to make him jump and catch as many frisbees as possible.
pingu sports game Pingu Sports Game
The object in this game is to move the see-saw to the correct position for the penguin to land on it and then bounce up and hit the ice blocks above it.



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